Hosting Options Included with Maintenance and Management

Check out the great options to protect your website and user information!

Managed Hosting with Maintenance

With this level or service, we will maintain and manage your site for you. As the client, you still own your website data and have admin level access to your site, however, we keep it running and running well. Maintenance is take care of at several difference levels such as CMS Core, Theme Framework, and Plugin add-ons. We will maintain all these items for you within this package as well as provide the digital real estate and server services that you need in order to run in an efficient and effective matter.

Managed Hosting with Maintenance and Security

The next proactive step above maintenance alone is searching for security risks on your website. This plan includes intuitive security that identifies attacks from the outside as well as locates weakness in the website perimeter. We establish secure and safe login methods for your key users (administrators, editors, contributors, etc) so that their individual logins cannot be compromised.

Managed Hosting with Maintenance, Security, and Daily Backups

Taking all proactive steps, this plan allows you to cover your investment with up to date snapshots. Taking your Managed Hosting with security management to the next level, this plan adds on scheduled backups of your site. Even if your site does not see consistent change, this will protect you as the last stand if any content is erased, an editor erases the incorrect article, or if a user is editing the incorrect article. Your site, your content, and your added material will be backed up in off-server, redundant locations. Our response time is precise and effective if you need your backups initiated.